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Just Dropped

Nookie White Glamour Jumpsuit
£43 - £72£267 retail
Nomi Fame red spaghetti strap midi dress
£45 - £76£282 retail
XS, S, M, L
£62 - £104£388 retail
Blue sequin wrap dress
£169 - £282£1055 retail
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Why Rent

Complete Flexibility
Complete FlexibilityEver changing styles, sizes, and brands. We’ve got you covered for every occasion, delivered right to your door.
Reduce Your Carbon Footprint
Reduce Your Carbon FootprintExperiment with your style, not the planet (or your wallet)! Save money by joining the sharing economy and rent instead.
Reclaim Your Time
Reclaim Your TimeThe only laundry that cleans itself - simply rent, wear, return, repeat. We’ll take care of the rest.
Independent Designers
Independent DesignersWe’ll introduce you to new brands we know you’ll love - #SupportSmallBusinesses never looked so good.
Free Delivery
Free DeliveryFree 2-day delivery and return is always included in our prices with our zero-emissions delivery partner.
Instant Booking
Instant BookingWhether you’ve got a last minute party or an event 3 months from now - instantly book your look with confidence.

How It Works

Our platform allows you to rent our closet with a 4- or 8-day rental period. You can filter by color, style, occasion, and more. We know we’ll have a dress that fits any occasion!
You’ve found a dress you love -- amazing! Now check out our calendar for your delivery date options. Remember, we recommend choosing a rental beginning two days before your event. Select your dates and size and check out! It’s no different than your regular online shopping experience.
Look great, feel great. Not only do you look amazing, but you’ve supported a small business owner, and reduced your carbon footprint by renting! Now that's what we call a win-win-win.
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