Who Are We?

About Us

Infinite Closet is a clothing rental service focused on independent ethical and sustainable designer brands, delivered right to your door. Our curated, premium independent brand has quickly become a go-to resource to help shoppers create a more sustainable wardrobe.

Our platform take’s the guesswork out of the fashion industry by allowing our shoppers to discover and rent from sustainable, ethical, minority and/or women-owned brands. But our “closet in the clouds” doesn’t stop there. Our closet upload helps our clients to upload and mix their pieces with our own, allowing them to create their “unlimited” dream closet.

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Our Mission

To help people feel confident and fashionable while creating a more sustainable future.

Our Vision

Our eCommerce platform allows customers to rent independent brands while cutting their carbon footprint and supporting “slow” fashion – making it affordable for the average consumer. We take the guesswork out of the fashion industry by partnering with sustainable, ethical, and minority and/or women-owned independent brands. Not only do we encourage consumers to focus on renting, but we encourage them to show their own closet by mixing their favorite pieces with our own. By creating the “unlimited” dream closet, we help shoppers feel great every day.

Our Values


Create less waste and work with designers who share our vision of a better tomorrow. To learn more about our sustainability efforts, click here.


Cultivate a culture that allows people to freely express themselves


Create a platform to promote and support idependent women and minority owned brands


Make sustainable fashion more accessible to everyone
Thank You!Our dream closet couldn’t exist without you. We’re working hard every day to help support the circular economy and offer a variety of ways to help you on your sustainable fashion journey. This is just the beginning. Welcome to the fashion revolution. We’re so glad you’re here.
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