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The Amanda Uprichard brand begins with Amanda. Born and raised in Florida, Amanda moved to New York City with the goal of having a creative and exciting life in fashion. After attending Parsons School of Design, Amanda’s vision evolved as she drew inspiration from the fast-paced Manhattan lifestyle. Her namesake brand officially launched in 2008 – a luxe clothing line for women inspired by the independent, trendy woman on the go. Her use of intricate details, feminine silhouettes, and bold hues defines the brand for what is – a celebration of sexy, feminine, fun.

SUSTAINABILITY Everyone is more aware of the environment including us. We are at the beginning of our efforts in discovering how to make our product more sustainable while still maintaining quality at a fair price. And most more importantly we want to be honest and give details when we make a sustainable claim, not just slap a label on. We are not naming any names...

Efforts made so far: • Creating high-quality wearable fashion meant to be worn and cherished. We use silk, fine cotton, or high-quality polyester to produce quality fun that you will really wear. Choosing great fashion, not fast fashion meant for the landfill. • From season to season, we don’t like to sell off our fabrics or discard our old. We use them again and re-interpret. We don’t like waste or unnecessary consumption. • Utilize local production whenever we can. It reduces our carbon footprint and employs people where we live. • Humane working conditions in our overseas factories and never using child labor.

Amanda Uprichard Samba Dress
S, M, L
£29 - £49£183 retail
Black mockneck Midi Stanford Amanda Uprichard Dress
S, M, L
£32 - £53£199 retail
Pink and red ruffle maxi spaghetti strap dress
S, M, L
£47 - £78£291 retail
Amanda Uprichards Black Halter Gown with Slit
XS, S, M, L
£40 - £67£250 retail
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