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Hemant & Nandita share a unique story that takes them back to their youth. They met at NIIFT Mohali and as days went by a beautiful friendship was formed. Soon, they became each others’ person. And for this power duo their friendship only marked the beginning of an incredible journey.

Like two pieces of perfectly cut cloth, their stories are stitched together to create something wonderful for every woman, irrespective of shape and size. Their story is seen in their designs, in their way of working and in what the brand stands for. For them it is more than a vocation. It is their passion that drives them to curate these marvellous dresses, tops, skirts and so much more. It's happiness. The joy in seeing your designs come alive. And this is something that is seen in every step of Hemant & Nandita.

Hemant & Nandita is a brand that encapsulates feminism by broadening its designs and meeting current trends while remaining true to who they are. When you wear their design you’re, in a way, wearing a statement. A statement that changed the way Indian women defined comfortable clothing.

Purple floral mini dress
£41 - £69£257 retail
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