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NOMI FAME is a luxury clothing brand born from Love. Love for beauty, femininity and elegance. Through this clothing line I want to empower women to make them feel confident and truly fall in love with themselves as a whole and unconditionally. Thus, I decided to bring a superior clothing line to this marketplace. Superior in quality of fabrics, precise attention to detail and posh, high-class style.

NOMI FAME stands for luxurious simplicity, exquisite quality and an idea of true femininity. Clothing line consists mostly of cocktail and evening wear. Fine quality of fabrics and classic, timeless design goes hand in hand with the idea that these garments were made to last a lifetime.

Stay classy. Stay charming.

Nomi Fame White Ori Long Sleeve Mini Dress
XS, S, M, L
£57 - £96£355 retail
Nomi Fame red spaghetti strap midi dress
£45 - £76£282 retail
Nomi Fame Blue Jumpsuit
S, M, L
£55 - £92£340 retail
Nomi Fame white halter jumpsuit
XS, S, M, L
£55 - £92£342 retail
Nomi Fame white 2 piece crop top and midi skirt set
XS, S, M, L
£48 - £81£299 retail
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