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Monique Giraud, is a free spirit and self taught designer. A Globe trotter from Cannes (France), she has travelled around the world for months on her sailboat and fell madly in love with St Barth when she discovered it. Everybody on the island calls her by her childhood nickname, "Poupette" (petite doll). This is how the Poupette St Barth's adventure started.

A brand truly made by a woman for women. The style is distinctly Bobo Chic, uniting an expression of freedom with an easy wearing joyful elegance.

A full collection of luxury resort wear since 1995 easily to recognize by the women wearing it. Nowadays, Poupette St Barth is a worldwide brand.

Poupette St Barth High low maxi floral dress
S, M, L
£47 - £78£291 retail
Poupette St Barth Long Pink Foral Dress
S, M, L
£58 - £97£369 retail
Poupette st barth Blue and white ruffle and lace maxi dress
S, M
£48 - £80£298 retail
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