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Founded in 2018 by Ohad Seroya and Aviad Klin, Retrofête is a womenswear collection marked by its bold character, intricate detail, and sparkling embellishments. The New York-based label, which takes its name from a melding of synonyms for ‘vintage’ and ‘party’, channels disco-era after-hours through tastefully provocative, day-and-night silhouettes.

A dose of nostalgia is engrained in every design, as the collection not only embodies the glamour and opulence of decades past but also reflects significant aspects from Seroya’s life. Many pieces from the collection echo those within his vintage archive including items he’s inherited from his mother’s closet.

Seroya and Klin seek to create pieces that are empowering and transformative in nature. Retrofête is for the woman who demands to be noticed. She doesn’t attend the party; she IS the party.

Enter our fanciful world. Welcome to the party!

Retrofete sequin gunmetal mini dress with keyhole open back
M, L
£69 - £117£435 retail
Blue sequin wrap dress
£169 - £282£1055 retail
Retrofete black sequin belted dress
£95 - £139£595 retail
Retrofete orange sequin wrap robe
£108 - £180£678 retail
Retrofete pink frill jumpsuit
£40 - £67£250 retail
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