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Winona embodies different elements of my creative vision, all of which are intended to stimulate a multifaceted sensory experience. The heart of Winona is centred on celebrating femininity and Winona's signature can be defined as encompassing a diverse spectrum of the strong modern woman.

The foundation of the brand is build around the Winona girl. A Winona girl is a girl that understands that style is so much more than a beautiful dress. It's an infectious smile, a kind and abundant heart and positive outlook on life. She's a thought provoking, style inspiring beauty that shines from the inside out who radiates a magnetic aura, giving you the familiarity of fond friend in her presence. She doesn't take herself too seriously and her quick wit will have you in laughter, whether it is at her own expense or at the musings of life. She inspires you to be the best version of yourself and reminds you that version is exquisitely unique.

Winona frill white jumpsuit
£21 - £35£131 retail
winona white sequin wrap dress
£31 - £52£192 retail
Winona floral wrap dress
£25 - £41£153 retail
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