Last Updated: 02/20/23

Need help?

We got you covered! Our guide should cover all of your frequently asked questions. Still need help? Contact our support team via WhatsApp (07521 933225) or shoot us a message at info@infinitecloset.co.uk. Happy shopping!


How does renting work?

Our rental process is simple:

  1. DISCOVER: Our platform allows you to rent our closet with a 4- or 8-day rental period. You can filter by color, style, occasion, and more. We know we’ll have a dress that fits your special occasion!
  2. RENT: You’ve found a dress you love -- amazing! Now check out our calendar for your delivery date options. Remember, we recommend choosing a rental beginning two days before your event. Select your dates and size and check out! It’s no different than your regular online shopping experience.
  3. LOVE: Look great, feel great. Not only do you look amazing, but you’ve supported an independent designer, and reduced your carbon footprint by renting! Now that's what we call a win-win-win.
  4. REPEAT: Simply return the item using our prepaid return label and leave a review on our website for the next person! We’ll handle the dry cleaning, so all you have to do is shop with us again! It’s that easy.

How far in advance can I book a rental?

You can create a reservation up to 3 months in advance, and schedule your order to arrive 1-2 days prior to your event. We 1-day delivery on all of our items via Royal Mail.

How long can I keep my rental for?

Our items are available for a 4-day or 8-day rental period. We recommend booking your order to arrive 1-2 days before your event to ensure plenty of time to replace the item if there are issues with fit or style. Our suggested timeline is:

  • Day 1: Receive your package and try it on
  • Day 2: Create your look (accessorise, baby!)
  • Day 3: Rock your event in your new dress
  • Day 4: Return your rental

Our 8-day rental option is a great option for trips or busy periods where you may not be able to return your items straight away.

If you need to rent an item for a longer period of time, please contact our customer support team at info@infinitecloset.co.uk

When will my card be charged?

Payment will be taken at the time you place your order.

Can I cancel my order?

Yes! If your rental is no longer required, just email us and we will cancel the order on your behalf. Please note that if your order has already been dispatched, we will be unable to process a cancellation.

What if my clothes don’t fit?

We know online shopping can be difficult to gauge fit! We include a size chart with each of our listings to help you make an informed decision. We also recommend checking out the reviews of the item itself from other renters to learn more about each piece’s unique fit. If your clothes do not fit, please contact our customer support team immediately and we will aim to resolve the issue ASAP. Please be sure to try on your items as soon as they arrive so we can ensure we have ample time to fix any concerns with your order.

What if I’m having trouble with a zipper or clasp?

If you are having trouble with something on your garment, please contact our customer support team at info@infinitecloset.co.uk

Can I rent more than 1 item at a time?

Absolutely! All of your items will arrive in 1 garment bag, and you are welcome to rent as many items as you would like.

Can I keep the reusable bag my order came in?

Unfortunately, no. In order to ensure we keep our carbon footprint in mind, we need all of our bags to support all of our customers' orders. If your garment bag is not returned with your order, you will be charged £25 for its replacement. However, clothes can be returned with or without the hangers and plastic dry-cleaning bag. If you do send them back, we will be sure to recycle them!

Can I tailor any of the items?

We do not allow alterations to any of our rental pieces. Please feel free to use fashion tape if needed, but don’t forget to remove them before returning your item.

How is Infinite Closet Environmentally friendly?

Our fulfillment center is based in Glaslow and is on track for certified B-corp. We make every effort without our organizsation to minimise waste, work with eco-friendly and ethical brand partners, and ensure our supply chain is as carbon neutral as possible. Learn more about our sustainability pledge here.

What is a heart?

Heart an item to add an item to your wish list so you can remember your favorite pieces to rent later. This will help you keep track of your favorite pieces and make your shopping experience even easier! This also allows us to better understand your interests so we can ensure we continue to get pieces we think you’ll love.

What if I don't like my rental?

It happens to the best of us! If you're not feeling your rental, contact us at info@infinitecloset.co.uk and simply use the return postage in your package to return the item to us. Your account will be credited with a gift card amount of the cost of your item, minus shipping costs. You will then be able to use this credit towards a future rental.


Can I purchase the clothing?

Absolutely! Our purchase price is listed with each item. If you are interested in purchasing one of our items, please contact us at info@infinitecloset.co.uk to ensure the item is in stock and not needed for other customers for future dates. Our online sample sales are held quarterly and items that are no longer available to rent will be listed (think of it as our clearance sale). Please note that all purchases are final sale.

Can I return an item I’ve purchased?

All purchases are final sale.


Do you do next-day delivery?

Yes! We currently offer 1-day shipping for an additional £9.95. This is generally delivered the next day if orders are placed before noon, otherwise we cannot guarantee delivery for the next day at this time. Otherwise, all other orders are a standard 2-day delivery.

When do I send my item back?

Please return your rentals to us on (or before) the final day of your rental period. This date will be noted in your confirmation email and your return label will be included in your package. You can drop off your rental at any Royal Mail location using this prepaid label.

Do you ship internationally?

At this time, we only ship orders within the UK. All orders must also be returned from within the U.K.

How can I find my tracking information?

We will send an email with your tracking information when your order has been shipped.

What if I send it back late?

When you return something late, it means the next renter who was planning on wearing that style will no longer be able to. We never want to let down our customers! So in order to ensure all customers have a fantastic experience, a late fee(s) of £25 per day will be charged to your payment method on file for each item not returned on time. Please note that you are liable for any late fees incurred, regardless of any third-party involvement (I.e., your hotel, friend, or mailroom). We do not recommend leaving your rentals with any third party. However, be assured that when you return an item it will be scanned immediately upon drop off with Royal Mail, so you will not be held responsible for any delays due to postage issues. If you do not return your item within 5 days after the return date, your late return will be considered a non-return, and Infinite Closet will charge your payment method on file the retail value of each item, minus previously paid late fees. The late fee is payable for each order that is not returned when due, not per item (I.e., if you rented 2 items in 1 order, you will be charged £50/day, not £100/day in late fees).

How do I know my order has been successfully returned?

We’ll email you! We send you an email when we receive your order back to our fulfilment centre, so you never have to worry about a missing item.

My rental period ends on a Sunday/holiday, what should I do?

Don’t worry – if your rental period finishes on a Sunday/holiday, you will have until Monday to return your item to a Royal Mail location.


How are the garments cleaned?

Our garments, accessories, and reusable packaging are thoroughly cleaned each time they are returned to us. Our sustainable dry-cleaning partner uses cleaning agents and practices that are designed to kill viruses, ensuring the safety of our customers between wears.

Will my rental need to be washed or steamed upon arrival?

No. All of our garments will arrive to you cleaned and steamed and ready to go. Please note your item may be slightly creased from transport. If this is the case, we suggest gently steaming the garment on low heat to remove the creases. Please do not use an iron. Feel free to contact us for advice if needed at info@infinitecloset.co.uk

Should I wash my rental after I've worn it?

No! In fact, we ask that you avoid washing your rental items, especially if the item gets stained or damaged. Our capable dry-cleaning partners are skilled professionals who will tackle the mess, so you don’t have to.


What is the damage insurance plan?

We offer damage protection with every item, which renters can opt in to purchase for £5 per order. Damage protection covers the cost of the repair (I.e.—stain removal, broken zippers, missing beading), up to a max of £50. This does not cover: Damage beyond repair Theft or loss of item Damages beyond the £50 repair fee

What happens if I damage my rental?

Accidents happen. Don’t sweat a small spill or gentle wear. However, we understand our customers' concerns, so we offer our Damage Insurance Plan with every rental for added peace of mind, which renters can opt in to purchase for £5 per order. Damage protection covers the cost of the repair (I.e.—stain removal, broken zippers, missing beading), up to a max of £50. However, in the event the garments are considered damaged beyond repair or damage protection was not purchased, Infinite Closet reserves the right to charge the renter the total estimated retail value of the garment. If something has happened to your rental item, please contact our support team at info@infinitecloset.co.uk immediately and we’ll get it sorted.

What happens if I lose it?

Garments are not covered by our Damage Protection Plan in the event of loss or theft. If an item is not returned, Infinite Closet reserves the right to charge the renter the total estimated retail value of each rented garment. If something has happened to your rental item, please contact our support team at info@infinitecloset.co.uk immediately.

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